Welcome to Munchausen’s World

Munchausen’s Museum

Baron Munchausen is a typical representative of landed classes of 18th century with the hunting and war as the main occupation. Hunting trophies, hunting horns, daggers, weapons, and Munchausen’s wax figure with a string of ducks – these are only some of things you’ll find at the museum of Munchausen.
In Latvia the only collection of wax figures is being exhibited on first floor of Munchausen’s museum. Many former and current celebrities have found their shelter there. Everyone can take a picture with Maestro Raimonds Pauls or basketball star Uljana Semjonova and other famous people.

Forest Trail

THE MUNCHAUSEN’S FOREST TRAIL is the longest footbridge of aspen plank in Europe. It goes through Vidzeme wetland forest. The total length of both its passages is 5.3 km. The longest passage reaches the sea, where one can sunbathe in white sand of Vidzeme beach and swim in the sea.

Trail to Munchausen’s Cup

On the 30th of August, 2013 the new object in Munchausen’s World was opened – the biggest beer jug of Baron von Munchausen! Munchausen’s guests can enjoy the taste of adventures walking by the new trail to Munchausen’s beer cup and meet Baron himself and 25 different wooden sculptures from Munchausens stories. Lenght of trail – 1035m.

Recreation Ship

There is the largest wooden recreation ship in the Baltic States in the territory of the museum. The ship is 30 m long and 4.5 m wide, but the mast with the Munchausen’s flag flies at the height of 15 metres.

Shooting range

Test your hunters ability at Baron von Munchhausens shooting range. In this cozy hunters lodge you can take a look at Munchhausens own hunting trophies and 18th century rifles. You have an opportunity with air rifles to take down all the targets and win some prizes!

Summer Cafe

The cafe in the territory of the museum is open in summer; there you can have hot main course meals and refreshments – ice cream, juice. Our special offer is draught beer – Piebalgas pale beer and porter. If you wish to celebrate a family event in the territory of the museum, the cooks will take care of special meal according to your wishes.

Picnic Places

The territory of the Duntes Manor House is spacious, nice and clean. There are several picnic places with tables, benches, fire places and grilling equipment. One of the places is located at the entrance to the forest trail, but the other – next to the recreation ship. After visiting a museum, walk along the forest trail and activities in the recreation ship one can spend some time with friends, have sausages grilled on the fire and enjoy leisure discussions.