Munchausen’s Museum

The Munchausen’s museum is located at the picturesque seaside of Vidzeme in Dunte. It is 8 km from Saulkrasti, about 55 km from Riga, just next to the motorway Via Baltica. The museum of Munchausen is one of the succesful projects of “Munchausen’s worl” that develops and improves endessly. They say that Munchausen is the most truthful man in the world. What is the reality? Come to visit us and you’ll make sure of it.

In Munchausen’s museum everything is true there, yet different. The museum revives the legend of Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen. In the manor house of Dunte placed in Vidzeme, Latvia he spent the happiest times of his life together with his wife Jacobine and people have been telling the tales of Munchausen for centuries there. The sea meets the wood there, in winter horses are being tied to church spires and it takes a single shot to kill ten ducks there.

The Munchausen’s museum is one of the most visited ones in Latvia. With its unusual exhibit it attracts either local or foreign tourists. In the room of Munchausen’s wife Jacobine you’ll find a real corner of 18th century ladies paradise. In baron Munchausen’s turn you’ll find a dozen of fresh game birds hunted down with a single shot.

Baron Munchausen is a typical representative of landed classes of 18th century with the hunting and war as the main occupation. Hunting trophies, hunting horns, daggers, weapons, and Munchausen’s wax figure with a string of ducks – these are only some of things you’ll find at the museum of Munchausen.

In Latvia the only collection of wax figures is being exhibited on first floor of Munchausen’s museum. Many former and current celebrities have found their shelter there. Everyone can take a picture with Maestro Raimonds Pauls or basketball star Uljana Semjonova and other famous people.

During summer time you can visit “Munchausen’s inn”, have a picnic and children will be able to have fun in playground. Get to know the world of Munchausen!

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