History of Museum

“I’ve been remembered for centuries here … it’s really pleasant…”

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On 32nd May of 2005 Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen at the age of 285 returned to his Manor House in Dunte where there is a museum now. The museum has been built precisely in the same place where the Manor House of the Baron Munchausen was located in the 18th century. Previously Munchausen had to dwell in another place – the old inn of the Duntes Manor House.

muzeja vēsture
At the beginning of 1990-ties, the specialists of the museum in cooperation with professor Gunārs Pakalns prepared a small exhibition about the man from the same district Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen in Dunte where Limbazi Folk Museum was situated. The exhibition became really popular. In 1999, the museum was taken over by Liepupe parish.

Unfortunately, the building was destroyed by the fire on March 1, 2001. After the fire, the parish of Liepupe opened a temporary exhibition at Liepupe parish house.

In 2004, the museum was taken over by new owners – LLC “Minhauzena pasaule” (“Munchausen’s World”).  A new exhibition – “Travelling in time together with Munchausen”- was open in Liepupe parish house already on April 1, 2004. In autumn of the same year, a fundament for a new building of the Munchausen’s museum was built. The businessmen – Ivars Strautiņš and Atis Sausnītis – invested their work and funds to implement this project.

The opening ceremony of the new museum building took place on May 32, 2005. Thus, the museum celebrates its birthday every year on May 32 with a single candle and several cakes (as many cakes as the museum’s age!)

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