Excursions in the museum:

– guided excursions On the 1st floor you will get acquainted with the life of Munchausen and Jacobine, gain the insight into the mode of the 18th century life, listen to the stories of Munchausen, learn the origin of the stories. In the hall, you may look at your image in distorting mirrors.  On the 2nd floor you will meet notable historic persons in the history of Latvia as wax figures. You will be surprised by the collection of around 2000 beer jugs. It will be possible to dress up ancient historic clothing and have pictures taken at Jacobine’s bedside. Those who wish to improve their financial standing can buy a metallic mould and stamp their own 1 Munchausen’s coin.

 – self-guided excursions allow you to explore the exposition and feel the mood of the 18thcentury.

The knowledge acquired in the museum can be supplemented walking along the Munchausen’s forest trail and watching wooden sculptures of fairy-tale heroes. The youngsters will feel like the heroes of the adventures themselves as they try the attractions of the recreation ship.

fotoDeinats_Minhauzena muzejs 134As Munchausen was a hunter, you can also take your obedient dogs to the museum!