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“… I am the one who used to be once…” 

History claims that Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen was a German and was born in the family of Baron George Otto von Munchausen in the town of Bodenwerder in 1720 as the fourth child. Already at the age of twelve he started to serve as a page in the court of prince Ulrich. When just few years later the prince left for Russia to lead the regiment of cuirassiers, the young baron von Munchausen joined him.

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Baron Munchausen is a typical representative of 18th century country noblemen with hunting and war as the main occupation. It is known that he took part in Russian – Turkish war and in Russian – Swedish war a few years later. Munchausen served and resided few years also in Riga. There is a historical entry preserved in the register book of Pernigele Church of Liepupe parish saying that the lieutenant of cuirassiers Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen got married with Jacobine – the daughter of a Judge Baron von Dunten – on January 2, 1744. Their marriage lasted for 46 years. Although, most of their time they spent in Bodenwerder, it was in Dunte where they experienced their most unforgettable and beautiful days.
Baron Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen died in 1797, but his unlimited fantasy and intriguing personality gave an inspiration to many authors and play writers to entwine the name of Munchausen with legends.

On May 32, 2005 Baron von Munchausen returned to Duntes Manor House – museum – his dreamland Ulubele.

Everything is true there, yet different!

.. I have to confess: “These stories sound strange.
But for anyone having any doubt 
about my stories, 
I would suggest to go to the Moon himself. 
There he will be able to see,
that almost nobody,
 who has travelled to Moon and returned,
 is as downright in his words as me.”.
/ Baron Munchausen/

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